Some rumors that were collected by the parties One of the guys has been taking a bath in the river, so the fish are going bad. There’s underground dog racing going on. At nighttime there’s people who would feed monsters That monster is guarding some treasure

Tamily Tanderveil and the Bartender know each other The Great Sea Rail lines Orichalcum Wrin Sivinxi, Morlibint and Garrison Wreath Ravika Lu, a secretary of the Otari Fishery

Garrison Wreath at Odd Stories Father Longsaddle at the Dawnflower Library Tamily Tanderveil The Surveyor (employee of the ) Carman Rajani, secretary of Otari Fishery William Hyde, Barkeep Father Oliver, the toymaker (bombmaker) Blogoff the Kobold

Seaside Plants, a collaboration of druid collectives Care of Young Dragons, a book found in Odd Stories Dragon hunting Guide, a book found in Odd Stories Dragon sketchbook - Lily’s Favorite Things About Dragons, a book found in Odd Stories

The rails are going to fall into a deep hole. The cnerjhTERO IF JTNENHIJDS IS IN TOWN

Zolgran, the leader of the deep south kobolds Everyone dead

Our adventurers are traveling toward the Grand Tree of the Otari Woods Killed some Panthers Start next session at the top of the day Cult of RaeRae Sarenrae Priests and the Everlight Enclave Dryads take on the form of their choosing, namely 

Zephra Swift and Duskwhisper Shadowmane

Eldergrove Tavern hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Gleam Gnome Messer Finefeast

The fey and the material realm are overlaid

Luminore the Dryad

Brother Solarius Sister Lumi

Everglen Fae 3rd child given to the gods Head father Baron Eldrath


Small pond rainbow flowers glitter purple hue a clearing, but the trees around you are spring inspired

Kyra is a childhood friend of Luca’s

The in between places are not good

The Sunlord of Sarenrae is accompanied by 11 angelic figures (Sunservants of Sarenrae)